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Welcome to CICA Criminal Injuries Compensation UK, we specialise in working with those who have been injured as the result of criminal activity in Scotland, England and Wales. A UK criminal injury claim is always pursued through the CICA UK, this stands for the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority and, unlike regular claims for injured parties, the decision on whether an individual requires compensating and the amount due thereof is the responsibility of this authority. We provide the expertise in criminal compensation so that your submission to the criminal injuries compensation scheme is not rejected due to information that should have been included or, as in most cases, simply worded better.

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Please note that we are not top rated criminal defense attorneys but simply a claims management firm that will provide an experienced criminal injury compensation specialist to help you with your application. A UK criminal injury claim is hard enough to make with the stringent guidelines in place for criminal compensation without the problems that can occur filling in the lengthy form. If you wish to receive 100% of your compensation then the use of our criminal injuries compensation scheme may be able to help you with some tips and pointers for your application but if you do wish to use one of our criminal injuries compensation UK solicitors to actually pursue the claim with the CICA UK then they will be entitled to a certain percentage of the damages recovered or fixed fee arrangement can be entered into. Compensating for being injured by criminals is a difficult job to do and sometimes no amount of money can make up for some of the horrific incidents that occur in the UK today, but the criminal injuries compensation schemes that are in place in this country will do their very best, as will our criminal compensation solicitors.

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